Technology Transfer

Through training and seminars on pavement management system uses, paving best practices, and new data collection and processing methods, we empower agencies to be able to make good pavement decisions on their own, and bring the entire industry forward.

Despite the prolific nature of its product, pavement engineering continues to be a niche industry. Increasing exposure to, and education in the principals of, pavement management is necessary to promote healthy pavement networks. Through our training and technology transfer programs, we empower agencies to be able to make good pavement management decisions on their own.

We have vast experience training different groups, from local governments to DOT engineers, to other corporate groups, and we have a high-quality document preparation team to prepare specific manuals, pamphlets, or presentations tailored to your organization’s needs.

Services include:

  • Technology transfer
  • Training course development
  • Software training instruction

Developing Standards & Specifications for Full Depth Pavement Reclamation (FDR)

PennDOT was able to adopt a more sustainable and less expensive paving method thanks to research and training from QES.

Key Services:

  • Transportation research
  • Technology transfer
  • Information transfer

In an effort to extend their road maintenance budgets and use a more sustainable paving method, PennDOT saw the value in full depth pavement reclamation (FDR), however, they had limited experience in the application of this technology. PennDOT contracted with QES to provide our expertise in the development and implementation of FDR in Pennsylvania. For this project, we identified materials and processes, then developed specifications and related criteria so PennDOT could effectively apply the process. To do so, we conducted a full review of all information available on FDR, and conducted our own investigations, including heading two pilot projects with PennDOT to help implement FDR for the first time. This work was in-depth, but allowed QES to develop construction specifications and a summary of best practices to use when doing full depth reclamation. This gave PennDOT a roadmap to effectively use this process.

Caltrans Airport Pavement Management System Update 

Training and oversight from QES allowed Caltrans to collect airport pavement condition data quickly and efficiently and use that to make an effective pavement management plan.

Key Services:

  • Course development
  • Information transfer
  • Pavement condition surveys

Caltrans maintains a large network of state airports, and to do so, must have a regularly updated pavement management system. QES worked as a subcontractor to Kleinfelder, training both Kleinfelder and Caltrans technicians on how to conduct an accurate distress survey and how to use and get the most out of the PAVER™ software. The training greatly expanded the number of people qualified to complete surveys, resulting in a much larger group of personnel to conduct surveying for the 50 airports located across northern California and resulted in the data collection being finished at a much faster pace, while still maintaining the high level of quality required for an accurate pavement management system.