At QES, we leverage our decades of nationwide experience and intimate knowledge of the industry and use cutting edge technology and research to provide you with Quality Engineering Solutions at every phase of the paving process.

Pavement Design

We provide structural and materials designs for new pavement and repairs, using expert analysis and the best materials to design optimized pavements that meet your needs and your budgets.

Pavement Management

We conduct pavement condition assessment and long-term performance predictions so that we can advise you on the most effective preventive and corrective maintenance strategies to extend the life of your pavement network as much as possible under any budget conditions.

Construction Inspection

We verify the work done by other contractors on paving and bridge projects, using visual observations and material testing to ensure that every phase of pavement construction is performed to the highest specifications, and that your project is completed on time and within budget.

Materials Investigation

We use the newest research and testing techniques to conduct forensic investigations of failed pavements and structural analyses of new and rehabilitation pavements, allowing us to pinpoint issues with old pavement designs and construction, while preventing those issues on new projects.

Technology Transfer/Training

Through training and seminars on pavement management system uses, paving best practices, and new data collection and processing methods, we empower agencies to be able to make good pavement decisions on their own and bring the entire industry forward.