Pavement Engineering

The first step in enhanced road construction is pavement design. To construct long-lasting, high-quality pavement, and potentially save millions of dollars on your project you will need to implement structural analysis, traffic forecasting, pavement selection, and optimized mix design. Our expert engineers understand the latest tools, technology, best practices, and materials to streamline your budget and optimize your finished project.

Services include:

  • Design-Build
  • Design evaluation
  • Finite element analysis
  • Pavement design
  • Pavement design research
  • Traffic count/monitoring
  • Traffic control plan development

San Diego Gap/Connector & Toll Road, SR 125 South, San Diego, CA

Key Responsibilities:

  • Pavement design
  • Traffic forecasting

Caltrans was able to meet a tight budget due to QES pavement designs that utilized local materials.

QES performed traffic studies and pavement designs on SR 125 in San Diego, CA, including new and rehabilitation designs of both flexible and rigid pavements on mainline, connector, and auxiliary roadways. Our responsibilities were to provide a new, rigid pavement design on an asphalt base course and to develop an innovative, full depth asphalt pavement section for the toll road portion of the project. A specific challenge was to design an asphalt pavement for heavy traffic loading to meet a tight existing budget. We worked closely with the prime consultant to develop specifications and mixes, using on-site and locally available aggregates., ultimately saving both the consultant and the client time and money, while designing pavements that could handle present and future traffic loads.

Port Of Miami Cargo Yard at Berths 6 & 7, Miami, FL

Key Services:

  • Pavement design
  • Design Analysis
  • Life-cycle cost analysis

The Port of Miami was able to save considerable expense when they used QES services to design pavement sections for both reconstruction and overlay on this 20-plus acre site.

QES performed design analysis, life-cycle cost analysis, and pavement design for both overlays and full reconstruction on a 20-acre site at the Port of Miami. Our responsibilities for this project were to analyze the Port of Miami’s existing pavement and future pavement designs, predict their useful life, and provide pavement designs and design criteria for both asphalt and concrete sections, then provide consulting support during the construction phase of the project. The challenge in this project was finding a cost-effective approach to handling the high loads of the cargo yard vehicles, including reach stackers and rubber-tired gantries, but in the end, we provided effective pavement designs and ensured proper construction practices to ensure that the site had secure, long-lasting pavement that could support its high loads.

Legacy Parkway Design, Salt Lake City, UT

Key Services:

  • Pavement design
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance

QES was able to design pavements that unified the visions of several different contractors and the Utah DOT when constructing this 14-mile highway in Salt Lake City.

Legacy Parkway is a 14 mile, four-lane divided highway in Salt Lake City, Utah. QES served as the pavement design firm on the Fleur-Aims-Krammar joint venture project team, coordinating with multiple design and construction firms as well as the Utah DOT. We provided pavement designs, including material selection criteria, and oversaw mixture designs for both asphalt and concrete pavements. In addition, we developed the quality control requirements for pavement construction. A challenge on this project was coordinating between a number of firms and providing designs that worked for all parties. Despite this, we successfully provided cost-effective and long-lasting structural pavement designs, and were able to assure that compliance with the design-build-performance requirements were met.

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