Superpave In-Situ Stress/Strain Investigation (SISSI), PennDOT/Penn State University

Pavement Engineering: Research: Performance
Key Services: 
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Mechanistic Pavement Design
  • Instrumentation

Provide data that can be used to validate the Superpave system, including intensive materials characterization; detailed load-response information; traffic and environmental data; and performance measures to enable the verification and regional calibration of newly-developed performance prediction models.

QES' responsibilities for the Superpave In-Situ Stress/Strain Investigation (SISSI), as a member of the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute team, consisted of assisting on the performance monitoring of eight Superpave test sections constructed at various locations in Tioga, Mercer, Warren, Perry, Delaware, Somerset and Blair Counties, PA. QES participated in the instrumentation; data collection; evaluation of data for the performance evaluation of Superpave; and the use of this information in mechanistic pavement design.