Materials Investigation

We use the newest research and testing techniques to conduct forensic investigations of failed pavements and structural analyses of new and rehabilitation pavements, allowing us to pinpoint issues with old pavement designs and construction, while preventing those issues on new projects.

Understanding the materials used in pavement construction is essential to proper pavement design. We sample and test materials used in the pavement and the surface being built on to make sure quality standards are met. This helps our customers have a higher quality product with a full lifetime after construction or reconstruction. This work can also help determine why an asset has failed. Our engineers can undertake material forensic analyses incorporating asset history to determine why it failed.

Services include:

  • Materials testing
  • Research and test design
  • Forensic investigation and analysis
  • Traffic forecasting and backcasting
  • Materials research

Hayward Airport, Hayward, CA

Hayward Airport was able to plan their pavement rehabilitation effort with minimal disruption, thanks to the forensic testing and material investigation services of QES.

Key Services:

  • Forensic investigation
  • Deflection testing
  • Coring

When several of Hayward Airport’s taxiways were in need of repair, QES provided analysis and pavement rehabilitation recommendations. We completed falling weight deflectometer testing, coring, boring, materials sampling, and visual inspections. These tests were planned to minimize the impact on airport traffic, both by scheduling data collection at the least intrusive times for the airport and performing multiple tests at once, reducing the amount of time that each taxiway needed to be closed. After data collection, QES engineering staff worked with airport staff to develop 20-year traffic projections. Using FAARFIELD software, QES provided several rehabilitation options, and then provided specifications and special provisions for Hayward Airport’s full-depth reclamation and repair.

Runway Concrete Investigation, Keesler Air Force Base

Keesler Air Force Base reversed damage to its runways and limited future deterioration when it used QES to investigate the causes behind runway cracking.

Key Services:

  • Concrete Investigation
  • Forensic Analysis

One of the concrete taxiways at Keesler Air Force Base in Louisiana was beginning to deteriorate, and QES was brought in as part of an effort to prevent its condition from getting worse. We conducted an investigation on the concrete, reviewing over 50 core samples to investigate the true depth of cracking and the actual concrete slab thickness. We also collected temperature data and tested the strength of the existing concrete in order to determine the cause of deterioration. In the end, we recommended a course of action in order to repair the taxiway and prevent further damage while optimizing funds put toward the repair.

Norfolk International Terminal (NIT), North Wharf Extension Investigation

QES verified material recommendations and laboratory tests so the Norfolk International Terminal could be confident in the structure and stability of their new wharf extension.

Key Services:

  • Materials investigation
  • Pavement investigation
  • Pavement evaluation & design

The Norfolk International Terminal was looking to extend its northern wharf, and in doing so, was laying down acres of new pavement. QES was brought on to the project to aid in the investigation and assessment of the new asphalt pavement. We did this by acting as a witness and quality control for field investigations and laboratory tests for materials in order to verify the accuracy and efficacy of other materials recommendations. In addition, we used the materials data to create our own pavement designs and analyze existing ones, as well as conducted pavement assessments and created a rehabilitation plan for both existing and new pavement. With this verification and plan in place, the Norfolk International Terminal was able to have peace of mind in their design choices for the northern wharf extension and a cost-effective, timely plan to handle both existing and future pavement issues.