The right tool for the job. We understand the importance of having the correct equipment to get the work done, so QES has invested in a selection of high-value tools that allow our engineers and inspectors to efficiently complete projects.

We have the tools to tackle paving’s biggest problems, and the expertise to utilize them properly. Whether testing materials and structure, analyzing and verifying distress, or tracking data input, QES has equipment that allows us to complete any job and get you results quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Services include:

  • Road network inspection
  • Pavement management plan development
  • Independent validation and verification
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Pavement performance research

Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD)

The Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) is a reliable and efficient solution for pavement evaluation. This proven technology offers accurate, non-destructive assessment of a pavement’s structural capacity and integrity.

Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)

Deflectometers are at the cutting edge of pavement evaluation technology, allowing us to get fast and accurate results that detail a pavement’s true quality and structural capacity without relying on visual assessments or destructive techniques.

Core Drilling & Sampling Equipment

Used primarily for construction inspection and materials testing, coring is the most accurate, and oftentimes only, way to verify the internal structure and layer depth of a pavement and gather samples for lab testing.

Tablet-based Rating System

Our proprietary, tablet-based rating software allows manual pavement distress surveys to be completed faster and more accurately than ever before.