Construction Inspection

We verify the work done by other contractors on paving and bridge projects, using visual observations and material testing to ensure that every phase of pavement construction is performed to the highest specifications, and that your project is completed on time and within budget.

With the large investment required by any pavement construction project, it is crucial the quality is guaranteed. Our Construction Inspectors act on your behalf to hold contractors accountable for their plans, procedures, certifications, and schedules. We verify the work done by other contractors, making sure everything from material selection to drying pavement is performed to the highest specifications.

Services include:

  • Bridge Inspection
  • Highway Inspection
  • Interstate Inspection
  • Road Inspection
  • Rehab & Reconstruction Inspection

Runway Extension Project – Erie Airport

QES verified the quality of new construction at the Erie International Airport, allowing them to rest easy as they prepared for an increase in air traffic and heavier airplanes.

Key Services:

  • Construction inspection
  • Documentation
  • Material Testing

The Erie International airport wished to extend one of their runways to 7,500 feet with 1,000-foot safety areas at each end, so that the airport could accept larger planes and deal with increasing traffic. QES provided construction inspection services to ensure that the runway expansion was done correctly. The project was large enough that over a mile of a nearby road needed to be relocated to make room for the runway, meaning that over the course of the project, QES construction inspectors had to verify that construction met standards for both the FAA and PennDOT. We ensured that security protocols and advanced safety requirements were strictly adhered to and the project was ultimately completed with a high degree of quality and reliability.

I-264 Pavement Rehabilitation – Virginia Beach, VA

The Virginia DOT was protected from start to finish when reconstructing portions of I-264 because of a quality assurance plan put in place by QES.

Key Services:

  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction QA/QC
  • Documentation

The reinforced concrete for a section of I-264 in Virginia Beach, VA had deteriorated and was in need of rehabilitation. QES was contracted to provide QA for the construction, ensuring that the project was completed properly. We developed a construction QA/QC plan, then followed through on that plan with material sampling and testing, inspection of safety practices and traffic management, and construction verification, including checking pavement depth and examining new joint sealant after it was in place. At the end of the project, we were able to provide full documentation of all of our efforts, verifying that all the work completed, from the simple overlays to four miles of shoulder-widening, were done safely and accurately.

I-79 Pavement and Bridge Rehabilitation, Mercer County, PA

PennDOT used QES construction inspection services for both interstates and bridges, ensuring both long term stability and safety of the Mercer County section of I-79.

Key Services:

  • Construction Inspection
  • Documentation

The pavement for I-79 in Mercer County, PA had deteriorated and was in need of rehabilitation. QES was contracted to inspect the construction and rehabilitation work for the 26 miles of interstate in Mercer County, including 16 bridges. We verified the actions taken to repair the foundation of the pavement, the depth of milled pavement and the mixture of new bituminous overlay, along with all other rehabilitation efforts taken. For the bridges, our construction inspectors used material testing, measurements, and visual examinations to ensure that repairs, both of the bridge support structure and of the driving surface, were completed properly, and all bridges were brought back into peak condition.