Slippage is a common pavement distress resulting from pavement layers separating due to the pressures vehicles put on pavement. No national standard addresses this issue, so this study examines its causes and effects more closely and presents solutions for it.

Author(s): Dennis Morian, P.E.; Guangming Wang, Ph.D, P.E.; Doug Frith, PE; Hao Wang, Ph.D
Date: 2014
Presented to: Transportation Research Board


Dennis Morian, Director of Engineering for Quality Engineering Solutions, was invited to participate as a presenter in an educational webinar hosted by the Transportation Research Board. The webinar “Internal Curing for Concrete Pavements” was presented Thursday, February 16, 2017, and moderated by Sam Tyson of the Federal Highway Administration.

The webinar details are posted at A recording of the webinar is available from the TRB.