2009 Federal Street Overlay - Pavement Analysis & Design, Sacramento, CA

Pavement Engineering: Evaluation & Design
Traffic Engineering: Counts/Monitoring
Key Services: 
  • Structural Pavement Design
  • Pavement Analysis
  • Deflection Testing
  • Coring
  • Traffic Counts Monitoring
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Provide pavement testing and structural pavement design services for four city streets in Sacramento, CA.

QES' responsibilities for the 2009 Federal Street Overlay in Sacramento, CA consisted of analysis and structural design services for four city streets. These services included performing a preliminary field review; developing a field data collection plan; conducting 72 hours of continuous traffic volume counts; providing traffic control; overseeing all field work; performing analysis and design work; providing nondestructive deflection testing using a Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and pavement coring for pavement analysis; documenting site conditions, including drainage characteristics, pavement distresses, and limitations to overlay placements, such as gutters, curb reveals, and overhead structures; designing pavement, with an expected life of 10 years for overlays, based on the testing results and traffic counts; and providing quality control/quality assurance for the design.