Aliquippa & Terrace Streets Forensic Investigation and Rehabilitation Recommendations, Pittsburgh, PA

Materials Investigation: Falling Weight Deflectometer
Materials Investigation: Ground Penetrating Radar
Pavement Engineering: Evaluation & Design
Pavement Engineering: Forensic Investigation & Analysis
Key Services: 
  • Design Services
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Deflection Testing

Perform forensic investigation and design services for two concrete city streets constructed as part of an Urban Redevelopment project in Pittsburgh, PA.

QES' responsibilities for the Aliquippa & Terrace Streets project were to develop a comprehensive evaluation plan and then conduct field sampling and testing. This included deflection testing, using a Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD), and ground penetrating radar testing of the reinforced pavement. Improper construction techniques were identified as the cause of the primary deficiencies, which were surface spalling and excessive slab cracking. A detailed life cycle cost evaluation was provided by QES to compare feasible repair strategies, including do nothing or complete pavement replacement. To repair the streets with minimal disruption to the local residents, the City approved a mill and asphalt overlay design. QES provided the final designs, plans, and specifications for the recommended work.