Port of Miami Cargo Yard at Berths 6 & 7, Miami, FL

Pavement Engineering: Evaluation & Design
Key Services: 
  • Pavement Design
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Design pavement sections for both reconstruction and overlay of the existing pavement for a 20 plus acre site at the Port of Miami in Miami, FL.

QES' responsibilities for the Port of Miami (POM) project were to review background information provided by POM; analyze the POM's prescribed asphalt pavement design to predict its useful life under Reach Stacker and Rubber-Tired Gantry load combinations; provide pavement design sections using asphalt concrete for one and concrete pavers for the other; evaluate the effect of leaving the existing asphalt paving in place, beneath the proposed fill, and new pavement section, including providing underdrains between the pavements to control groundwater, and issue recommendations on the concept from our findings; evaluate the results of deflection testing, which were performed by POM, and consider them in pavement analyses and designs; provide a pavement design report, including results of pavement section analyses and designs, related findings and recommendations, and stating design criteria for the project; provide design input and specifications; and provide consulting support during the construction phase of the project.