Sacramento, CA 2008 Street Overlay Project

Materials Investigation: Falling Weight Deflectometer
Pavement Engineering: Evaluation & Design
Pavement Engineering: Pavement Management
Traffic Engineering: Counts/Monitoring
Key Services: 
  • Structural Pavement Design
  • Deflection Testing
  • Traffic Count Monitoring

Provide engineering and design services, including pavement testing for the 2008 City of Sacramento street overly.

QES' responsibilities for the 2008 City of Sacramento Street Overlay project were to provide engineering and design services including pavement testing using nondestructive testing devices; testing of new roadways to verify conformity with city standards; obtaining traffic counts to determine the Traffic Index; providing pavement designs for new streets; coring to determine existing asphalt concrete thickness; and providing cost estimates associated with duties generic to pavement testing and structural pavement design.