Berths E & F Reconstruction at Port Nuevo, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Materials Investigation: Falling Weight Deflectometer
Pavement Engineering: Evaluation & Design
Key Services: 
  • Pavement Analysis & Design
  • Pavement Testing
  • Deflection Testing

Provide consultant services for Berths E & F reconstruction and expansion at Port Nuevo in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

QES' responsibilities for the Port Nuevo project were to provide pavement analysis and design recommendations for the reconstruction and expansion of Berths E & F. The project consisted of conducting field testing and evaluation of existing conditions and providing pavement rehabilitation recommendations for approximately 50 acres of port area, consisting of roadways and container storage areas. Data collection consisted of three main types of data: Deflection testing using a Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD); Pavement coring/sampling; and Visual Distress Survey. QES evaluated different pavement rehabilitation options, looking at flexible and rigid pavement options. In addition, QES developed the material and construction specifications for each design provided.